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Stavins Talent Crane Camera

Experienced in Creative Excellence

​Founded in 1984, our Talent Agency has a long established reputation of trustworthiness, reliability, flexibility, and a solid track record of success. 

Stavins Talent provides voice-over, on-camera, and print, in addition to Talent for virtual conferences, and live trade shows to meet the needs of our local, national, and international clients of all sizes and budgets. Live Talent can fulfill a variety of roles that include hostesses, greeters, narrators and ear prompters. 

We represent over 500 professional Talent. Our team of experienced Talent Agents prioritizes the well being of the actors we represent, and in turn, we provide our clients with some of the best non-union Talent.

Stavins Talent is MBE Nationally Certified with a diverse team and roster of Talent.

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